Investment Account

Premium Capital Investments

A high interest yielding savings account for the middle class who can save from One Hundred Thousand (₦100, 000. 00) naira and above.


I. Minimum opening deposit of ₦100,000
II. Subsequent incremental deposit of N5,000 and above
III. Initial opening deposit of N500,000 attracts a gift
IV. Increase to N500,000 also attracts a gift
V. No withdrawal from account before 12 Months
VI. Attractive interest of 10% per annum
VII. Can be used as Collateral for a Loan

Fidfund Fixed Deposit Account

Fixed deposit account: This is an account that enables you to earn high interest on your idle fund deposits.
The fund is deposited for a certain period at an agreed interest rate. The Interest rate is negotiable and depends on the amount and duration of the fund.


I. High interest yield.
II. It can serve as collateral for emergency loan


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