Fidfund Savings Account is a basic type of account that allows you to deposit money, keep the funds safe, and make withdrawals as needed. Monthly interest is payable on the accounts at competitive rates which helps you grow your money. To know more about this service..


Fidfund Current Account is always safe, you can make frequent deposits into your account and make withdrawals by cheque at any time without notice.
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Fidfund Investment Account This enables you to earn maximum returns on funds kept with the Bank for specific periods. Interest rate is negotiable in line with the amount and duration.
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Fidfund Loans and Advances are variously designed according to the needs and convenience of our customers. Processing is easy and timely. To know more about this service..

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About Us

Fidfund Microfinance Bank Limited (RC No. 801710) is a licensed Microfinance Bank in Nigeria, having been issued a license to operate by the Central Bank of Nigeria in 2009. The Bank offers a wide range of financial services geared towards poverty alleviation. To achieve this, the Bank adheres to the triple bottom-line principle of microfinance which encompasses financial, social and environmental performance. In striving to balance these three, the Bank pursues the delivery of the developmental goals of microfinance while remaining profitable and having minimal impact on the environment.

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